Video: Restaurant Mocks Drone Trend, Uses Flying Bot To Chop Celery, Take Out Trash

While Amazon and others prepare to darken the skies with the flying robots that will one day enslave all humanity and turn us into organic batteries, some restaurants have already opened the door to the pernicious plague of aerial drones. Now one Austin eatery has produced a video showing all the ways in which it employs the hovering harbingers of the robo-pocalypse.

In the above video, the operators of Austin’s Swift’s Attic show off their fleet of motorized servers, which go far beyond the burger-delivering that you see at other restaurants latching onto the drone trend.

“With the drones it’s great because we could have them run food all day long, run drinks all day long, all going to the same table,” explains sous chef Zack Northcutt. “They’re super easy to maintain… get the food out to everybody in a nice, timely manner; always ready to go, never call in sick, always have nice sharp edges to ’em.”

That’s right the drones at Swift’s Attic aren’t just flying out beer and snacks to tables.

“We have them in the kitchen, ready to go, ready to slice anything that we need,” says Northcutt, demonstrating the drone’s use as a flying food processor.

The drones also do the one job no human in the kitchen ever wants to do — carry the trash out to the dumpster.

“It’s taken a lot of stress off of them when they’re trying to run the restaurant,” explains a rep for Arch Aerial, which provided Swift’s with the devices that will soon swarm over Austin like the bats that emerge every night between March and November from underneath the Congress Ave. bridge.

[via Eater]

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