Xbox One Dropping Your Online Games? You Might Be Able To Blame Comcast For That.

Does the shiny new Xbox One that Santa left under the tree work when you turn it on, but not actually do the whole online gaming thing so well?  If you’re also a Comcast customer, you could be encountering a big bug.

A Comcast representative posted to a broadband forum that Microsoft and Comcast are both aware of a bug and working together to fix it.  The problem prevents online gameplay for some titles from working.  As online connectivity is a cornerstone of nearly all the Xbox One’s features, this can be a big problem for users.

However, the bug affects a very clear and known subset of players.  The issue is with gamers who are: (1) using an Xbox One, on (2) a home wifi network, that is (3) provided by Comcast and (4) using IPv6.  Players  on other providers, using wired networks, on IPv4, or using other consoles do not appear to be experiencing the error at this time.

Comcast’s recommended fix? Take it lower-tech and run an actual ethernet cable to your console.  The connectivity bug does not occur on wired connections.

Microsoft is expected to create and push a patch for the bug to console owners, but not until after the holidays are over.

Comcast Says Xbox One, IPv6 Bug May Disconnect Wi-Fi Users [Broadband DSL Reports]

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