Raise Your Hand If You’d Move Out Of A House Hit By Cars 11 Times In 30 Years

There you are, sitting in your living room watching some TV when WHAM! An SUV comes roaring through the wall of your house. “Oh, honey, not again!” you mutter to your husband. Yes, again: One house in Indiana has had the misfortune of being struck by cars not once, not twice, but about 11 times in the last 30 years.

In what sounds like an insurance company’s worst nightmare — and also your own nightmare if you happen to appreciate a house that is intact — the Indy Star says the couple who live in the home were minding their own business on Sunday, watching the Colts game in their living room.

Suddenly a Chevy Equinox crashed through the wall, missing the woman by perhaps a foot.

“This time I thought she was dead, five inches away from it,” the husband told WTHR. “I had no idea how something didn’t hit her. She was sitting just on the other side of the wall there.”

When you have to say “this time” there could possibly be a bigger problem here, no? And that problem could be the fact that the house is near a railroad crossing, where speed could be an issue in many of the 11 or so crashes that have happened at the house, according to the fire department. Drivers could be trying to beat a train at the crossing, instead of getting stuck waiting for it to go by.

In this particular case, the 29-year-old driver wasn’t seriously injured, despite going through the windshield. She told officials that she’d been going too fast over the railroad tracks near the house and lost control of the car.

Despite the occasional danger that exists simply by living in the house, the woman’s mother who lives on the other side of the duplex home says she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“I’m staying,” she says. “They’ll have to carry me out.”

Indy house hit by vehicle for 11th time in 30 years [Indy Star]
Vehicle crashes into house – again [WTHR]

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  1. Ronnie says:

    At what point do you build a barrier in front of your house? Not only are rock walls decorative, but they also might slow a vehicle from ending up 6″ from your face while you sit in your living room.

    • Raekwon says:

      My neighbors did something like that. They have a corner house and people kept smashing through the wood fence next to the road. Now it’s a much sturdier metal fence on raised rock walled planters.

  2. OrionBFury says:

    My grandfather had a similar issue, except it was kids driving over his front lawn. He just setup a couple of decorative islands in the front, with a centerpiece being a stone. That sat in the ground like an iceberg. He didn’t have issues with kids driving on his lawn ever again.

  3. RupturedDuck says:

    Neighbor down the street has their backyard exposed at the top of a T-intersection. Anyone failing to make a turn, or driving straight, will plow into his backyard. Well, in theory this would happen.

    He has a beautiful wooden fence. However, the fence posts are made from railroad rails! The fence rails are a lighter metal beam. No vehicle ever gets through the fence, except in very tiny pieces.