Patton Oswalt’s “Brand Tweets” Are Awesome, But Probably Not What Your Boss Wanted

First things first: If you don’t like naughty language (think: word for genitalia that rhymes with “clock”), you’re probably not going to want to read Patton Oswalt’s Twitter response to a company asking if he’d like to get paid for tweeting about popular brands. If you don’t mind a bit of potty talk and some rather cringeworthy topics, then you’re gonna love everything the comedian said. Because it’s relentlessly harsh and awesome and happy new year to us all.

While of course, there are many celebrities who will tweet about this, that and the other thing for a buck, Oswalt is not one of those gleeful endorsers — something anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the comedian would know or could discover with a quick search of his past work.

So why would a company solicit him to do just that, and on Twitter where everyone can see it, no less? Shrug. There is no reason, but it happened.

First came the tweet from a company called Brander Influencers (via Splitsider):

That’s all it took for Oswalt to start tearing down a merry path to ridicule with the below tweets, until he finally took mercy on the company and ended his tirade of hilarity. Again, be warned that there is some NSFW language and other things that might make some people uncomfortable.

We’ve gotta hand it to whoever manages the Twitter account for Brander Influencers, however, for remaining seemingly unfazed after all that.

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