Would You Pay $375 To Attend A New Year’s Eve Party At Applebee’s?

While you couldn’t pay me any amount of money on a normal day to go anywhere near Times Square, aka the neon wasteland colonized by wandering droves of tourists, Applebee’s is hoping the lure of the New Year’s Eve ball drop will entice diners to actually pay to venture to the area on its most crowded night. A whopping $375, to be exact.

Yes, you read that right: You can pay almost $400 for a dinner at Applebee’s, where a full meal can sometimes cost a paltry $10, served with a side of flair.

Two of the chain’s franchises in the Times Square area are hosting what Applebee’s calls “a night to remember” in this year’s annual offering, reports MarketWatch.

That hefty chunk of change covers four hours of partying with a buffet, an open bar (darn straight that bar better be open for $375), a DJ and food made by “some fairly sophisticated culinary people,” says the head of the New York area’s 38 restaurants.

But of course, all that is basically just extras. The real show will be the big ball drop at midnight, as well as watching through the windows as spectators try to figure out how to urinate into empty water bottles instead of trying to wiggle out of the morass.

While sure, it’d be nice to be able to sit down on a chair instead of squatting in the street until your feet lose all feeling, the reality is still paying $375 for a meal at Applebee’s. So is it worth it to be so close to the action?

$375-per-person New Year’s feast – at Applebee’s? [MarketWatch]

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  1. LauraNorthrup says:

    What kind of New Year’s party is Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar having?

  2. MathManv2point0 says:

    I work near this place and neither I, nor my coworkers would be caught dead near Times Square on New Years. Thank goodness for home internet and work VPNs!

    The only upside I could see to this Applebee’s deal would be having access to a bathroom.

  3. CzarChasm says:

    This seems pretty reasonable to me, assuming you can see times square from there. It certainly sounds better than being outside without access to a bathroom. I have been to several large cities for new years, and if you actually want food or a drink, it’s pretty much impossible. This sounds like a pretty good solution, I’d be in, except I’ll be in Newport, RI instead.