Send Us Your Nominations For The Worst Ads Of 2013

With 2014 in sight, it’s time to look back on the worst TV ads of the last year. We watch enough crap here in the Consumerist batcave to come up with our own suggestions, but we want to give our readers a chance to vent about the commercials that drove them crazy in 2013.

So if you’ve got a TV commercial in mind — or an advertising trend, or a piece of music that has been used in too many commercials — shoot us an e-mail at with “WAIA2013” in the headline.

Feel free to go into vitriolic detail about why you are particularly annoyed by the ad(s) you’re nominating, as it might help push your suggestion into the spotlight (where it will be quickly pelted with rotten fruit).

Send us those nominations by the end of day on Friday, Dec. 27!

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