Even With 10% “Our Bad” Discount, Target’s Sales Down After Credit Card Disaster

Over the weekend, Target went into damage-control, attempting to lure customers back into its retail stores by offering a 10% discount to everyone — not just the 40 million customers whose credit card numbers were stolen between late November through mid-December. But even that apparently wasn’t enough to bring customers back during the last-ditch holiday shopping weekend.

Analysts tell the Wall Street Journal that total transactions for this weekend were down about 3-4% over the same weekend last year at Target. They explain that while the 10% discount helped stanch some of the bleeding, it wasn’t enough to get sales up to where the store needed them to be.

“This is the worst possible time something like this could happen,” said one analyst. “Still, American consumers can be forgiving if you’re honest with them — and the discounts help.”

In a Consumerist.com poll last week, only about 21% of readers said they were confident shopping at Target right now, but another 50% said they would eventually return to shopping at the retailer after they feel this mess has blown over.

But even if people wanted to shop at Target, some of those whose card numbers were compromised may have had trouble, with banks like Chase and Citi putting temporary daily transaction limits and/or other restrictions on debit cards that were used at Target stores between Black Friday and Dec. 15.

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  1. MarthaGaill says:

    Yep, found out about my limit yesterday at the grocery store. I called Chase and they let me run it as credit instead. What a pain in the A. Hopefully my new card comes soon.

  2. lilmisssunshine says:

    I would have shopped at Target this weekend if I had known about that 10% off deal-lio. I need to stop living under a rock or Target should have advertised this better. I did receive emails from them apologizing about the stolen credit info at least.

  3. C0Y0TY says:

    I shopped at Target Saturday not because of the discount, but because it seemed to me that would be the most secure time to use my credit card. I expected Target would be extra vigilant to make sure things didn’t get worse.

  4. robinm says:

    I’m a Target Red Card Debit user and attempted for 2 days to get my card canceled. I did not have any activity at my bank that made me suspicious – but when this card is linked to your main checking account, is there any reason to not cancel it? I couldn’t get the card canceled so I ended up creating a free checking account and linking the card there. It only has $50 or so in it.

    I don’t know what we will do going forward. We have saved >$300 there this year with the red card discount. But is it worth the hassle I have gone through and the total lack of customer service they have provided here?