Beyoncé Shows Up At Walmart, Takes America Christmas Shopping

Bb_Ad1SCQAEw4E2Imagine that you’re going about your business at your local Walmart when you see…Beyoncé. Must be a cardboard cutout, or some kind of hologram technology, right? Not for the shoppers at one Boston-area Walmart this weekend where the superstar paid a surprise visit.

Why? Because she was playing a concert in Boston this weekend, and apparently wanted to go to Walmart to buy her daughter a doll and buy gifts for random strangers. This was no spontaneous visit: the gift cards were ready to go in envelopes that said, “Happy Holidays from Beyoncé.” reports that the giveaway included everyone in the store at the time, for a total of $37,500.

Beyoncé? In Tewksbury? OMG! (VIDEO) [Lowell Sun] (via Buzzfeed)

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