Man’s Ad Convinces Nissan To Buy Clunker “Fully Loaded With An Engine, Wheels, Tires”

It ain’t easy selling off an old jalopy, as many car owners know. But apparently all you need is a crisp British narration, some creative camera work and lines about how a 17-year-old Nissan Maxima will “get you from point A to B … most of the time” to sell a car… back to the company that made it.

The car’s owner posted his homemade ad on YouTube back in September and since then it’s been quite the popular bit of Internet fodder (anyone else sick of the “V” word that rhymes with spiral?), notes AdWeek’s AdFreak blog.

After spending “17 years in monumental perfection,” Nissan USA will now be the proud owner of this 1996 sedan that comes “fully loaded with an engine, wheels, tires and an automatic transmission.”

An additional print ad the car’s owner did suggested that the vehicle would probably not be stolen from “a dark parking lot in Modesto” because other cars would be more attractive targets, while a Craigslist ad bragged that “this pavement yacht has a ride as smooth as Pegasus’ backside.”

Nissan USA bought his old ride for $1,400 this week, as well as donating another $1,000 to the charity of his choice.

Now, to start working on ad that will convince someone to haul my old crappy desk to the curb and pay me for that pleasure so I can buy a new one.

This Homemade Ad for a ’96 Maxima Was So Incredible, Nissan Bought the Car From the Guy [AdFreak]

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