Here’s How Someone Bought A Million-Dollar Picasso For Only $140

Have you heard of this Pablo Picasso guy? Sure you have. He’s Picasso, a super famous artist who everyone is just dying to get a piece of. But for most of us average folks, owning a real work by Picasso is only a pipe dream. So how did one of us commoners managed to take home a million-dollar drawing by Picasso for only $140?

No, he didn’t snag it by any shady means (including but not limited to shoving down pants or dropping into an art gallery from the ceiling in the dead of night): The 25-year-old art lover won the piece as part of an online charity raffle for just $140, reports Reuters.

The lucky winner said he’d been looking for some nice art to hang in his living room when he read about “L’Homme au Gibus” or “Man with Opera Hat,” which was being raffled off by Sotheby’s in Paris to benefit a charity working to preserve the ancient city of Tyre in Lebanon.

“I was looking for art and I thought I might as well,” the project manager at a fire sprinkler firm explained.

Now that he’s got the winning ticket out of the 50,000 put up for sale for 100 euros each, he says he won’t sell off his million-dollar acquisition… at least not yet.

“I’m still in shock. I’ve never won anything like this before… Obviously,” he said.

What do you mean, obviously? The rest of us go around winning super expensive artwork all the time. Okay, no. No we don’t. You’re super lucky.

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