Baby Not Old Enough For The iPad Potty? Not A Problem

lounging_babyIf your child isn’t old enough for the iPad potty chair and you simply can’t wait to prop her up in front of a tablet screen at close range, there’s always another option: the Apptivity seat from Fisher-Price. It’s an iPad chair for kids from birth until toddlerhood. It’s an improvement over the potty-seat version in that it was not explicitly designed as a toilet.

This is a real thing and it’s available from Amazon, where the reviews from non-customers are scathing.

Our heroes over at the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood are campaigning to get this product pulled from the market, after they already named the potty chair one of the worst toys of the year.

apptvityTo be fair, the iPad is only one of several entertainment options while your little one is in the bouncy seat. There is also a mirror, or you could strap your baby in and encourage it to look at its surroundings.

(via The Worst Things For Sale)

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  1. Xenotaku says:

    This I actually don’t mind. I always see stuff about how different things can stimulate an infant/toddler’s learning, and if people start making apps for tablets like that, it could be a useful tool for when you need to multitask and entertain/occupy the kid and do something else at the same time.

  2. oneSqueakyWheel says:

    this is just plain sad to me- why someone would choose to not interact with their infant is a sad reflection of the society we’ve become- that this thing even exists blows my mind!