Whoever Stole $120K Worth Of Chocolate Is Probably Planning One Heck Of A S’mores Party

I’m not saying I’m the sort who consorts with criminals but if whoever stole $120,000 worth of Hershey’s chocolate from a truck is heading off into the woods to have a big bonfire and s’mores party, well, I’m jealous. But the crime part, that’s bad.

The chocolate was loaded onto a semi-truck at a truck center in Florida’s Volusia County, where police got a phone call that a thief with an apparent sweet tooth had made off with the whole thing, reports News 13.

There’s been no luck so far tracking down the truck or its contents, but the phone all between its driver and the 9-1-1 operator is kind of fun so let’s take a look at that”

911 Operator: When was the last time you saw it?

Driver: Three o’clock yesterday [Saturday] was the last time I saw the truck. It’s hooked to a trailer as well, fully loaded, with chocolate.

911 Operator: Fully loaded with chocolate, huh?

Driver: Yeah, someone with a sweet tooth.

911 Operator: Well, you know, maybe that’s what they were going for. Who knows?

The one caveat for the thief, besides the fact that you did a bad thing and the cops are probably going to arrest you at some point, is that all that chocolate needs to stay cool. Otherwise it’ll never make it to the s’mores assembly line and will instead just end up melted all over the truck. And that would just be a gosh darn waste of perfectly good chocolate.

Truck filled with $120,000 worth of chocolate stolen in Volusia [News 13]

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