AMC Offering Company Stock To Some Loyal Movie Fans In Upcoming IPO

Do you love movies? Not but really, do you love movies so much that you’d be willing to invest in AMC Theaters? Because ahead of the company’s upcoming Initial Public Offering, AMC says it’ll offer some of its most loyal customers a chance to snag some stock at the same price as the big kahuna investors out there.

There will be 110,527 shares of common stock earmarked especially for members of AMC’s Stubs reward program, according to a letter from CEO Gerry Lopez (via CNNMoney).

Those shares will be sold off at first-come-first-served basis, with a similar deal set up for AMC’s employees as well. The IPO price hasn’t been set yet but it’s estimated to be between $18 and $20 per share.

And unlike investors on Wall Street looking to buy in, the deals for customers and employees won’t come with any fees when buying shares in amounts between $100 and $2,500 using an online broker that’s working with AMC. That’s more than can be said for buying a movie ticket these days, eh?

This is kind of a big deal, as most of the time when there’s an IPO, most shares are set aside for big banks and large institutions. Those investors are usually the only ones who can buy shares at the IPO price while the rest of us are forced to get shares on the secondary market at higher prices.

Gotta wonder if the shares come with free popcorn or at least a couple extra movie tickets on the house. A moviegoer can dream.

AMC offers stock to loyal movie fans [CNNMoney]

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