Starbucks Thinks You Might Want To Buy Someone A $450 Metallic Gift Card (Again)

It's pretty, I guess?

It’s pretty, I guess?

Coming off its $450 steel gift card offer from last year, which was successful if you consider the fact that people were selling the sold-out cards on eBay for $5,000, Starbucks is once again reaching out to the caffeinated 1%.

This year’s metallic novelty is a laser-etched, rose-colored metal with the same price tag as last year, $450, reports the Chicago Tribune.

It comes loaded with $400 worth of credit and automatic enrollment in My Starbucks Rewards Gold-level status. That means free treats on your birthday and a 15% off coupon at, free refills on iced or brewed coffee and tea, other special offers and a free drink or food item with every 12 stars.

The other $50 is likely just the cost of the actual metal card, because rose-colored metal doesn’t come free, no siree.

The cards are limited in number again as well, with only 1,000 up for grabs on starting today at noon ET. If you’ve got $450 to spare (perhaps for your pool cleaner’s tip?) get your trigger finger ready.

Starbucks offering $450 metallic gift card [Chicago Tribune]

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  1. Raekwon says:
    • JoeBlow says:

      I could see going in on something like this with maybe 8-10 other people to get a gift for a coffee addict who is going to go to grad school, or law or med school or something.

      Edit: I didn’t intend to post this as a reply to your comment. Hmm, edit screen doesn’t have a delete either…

  2. charmander says:

    I don’t mean to sound stupid, but will someone explain to me why anyone would pay $5000 for a card worth only $400? I wouldn’t even pay the original price for the card ($450) if it has only $400 worth of drinks loaded on it.

    You do realize you get the free birthday drink, and free drink/food item with 12 stars- on your regular Starbucks gold card? No need to pay extra.