Save Money On Food By Using Just A Couple Of Magnets

There’s a very simple way to stop wasting food and spend less money on food as well. Save money by using just a few magnets, you say? How does that work? It’s simple: attach your grocery receipts to the refrigerator. You can use them as an inventory, a checklist, and a reminder of what you’ve purchased and really ought to eat up.
A bulletin board will have to do if you have a stainless steel fridge that doesn’t accept magnets, but the general idea is the same. Over at Money Saving Enthusiast, Karen explains her method for keeping track of food that requires no organizational skills whatsoever.
Step 1: Put away your food. If you buy meat, freeze anything that you don’t plan to use today.
Step 2: Train the other members of your household to check off items on the receipts as they eat them or use them in cooking.
Step 3: Learn to look over the receipts to take informal inventory of what you have, especially for refrigerated items. This will make you less likely to shove something to the back of the fridge and forget about it.
Step 4: When you notice that the receipts are filled with check marks, it might be time to go shopping. Or not: check your handy instant inventory devices!
Waste Less Food: How Your Receipt Can Save You $2200 a Year (via Rockstar Finance)

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