Rustoleum NeverWet More Like “SlightlyLaterWet”

splashA waterproofing treatment that perfectly repels water, turning it into tiny beads that roll off the surface? We’re sure that people could think of many wonderful uses for such an item, from waterproofing hiking boots to covering their roommate’s towel with the stuff. Alas, Rust-Oleum NeverWet isn’t bad, but not quite as advertised.

At least the product’s ads make the way that things are supposed to work look really, really pretty.

Our colleagues over at Consumer Reports put on their (non-waterproof) lab coats and got to work testing. They slathered NeverWet on a variety of surfaces: cloth, wood, plastic, paper, just about every surface possible. (Unlike one tester on YouTube, they did not try to apply it to water.)

The coating does work exactly as advertised, but not for long. It’s more like SoonWet, our sibling publication observed dryly. The coating doesn’t last long, can rub off using only a finger, and doesn’t adhere well to plastic and glass at all.

Claim check: Rustoleum NeverWet [Consumer Reports]

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