Man Learns That Spitting On The Sidewalk In Minneapolis Will Earn You A $115 Fine

Suck that saliva back into your cheeks if you’re taking a stroll in Minneapolis, or its sister city St. Paul, for that matter. There’s a law on the books there against spitting in public places, and yes, it’s enforced, as one guy found out recently when he hocked a loogie on the sidewalk.

USA Today [warning: source link has an auto-play video] spoke to a man gobsmacked by the $115 citation he received from cops after spitting on the sidewalk. There he was, just going to get some pizza with his pals when he felt the need to eject saliva from his person. Police gave him the ticket, which comes with a misdemeanor fine for spitting on sidewalks, buses or public areas.

It’s not like he’s going to rage against the machine for punishing his perhaps overly-active salivary glands.

“It’s a little wacky,” he admits. “I mean what can you do though, it’s the law. You’re supposed to obey the law of the land.”

While he knows he might have to spit again some time in the future, he’s not going to let this happen again.

“For spitting I guess i’ll have to bring a bag or something and spit it in it, I don’t know,” he admits.

Sounds like a man with a plan. Or maybe just wait to spit until you’re somewhere acceptable to do so? Either way, model citizen here, folks.

Man fined $115 for spitting on sidewalk [USA Today]

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