Toll-Free Number On Walmart Black Friday TV Voucher Forwarded To Wisconsin Spa

There might have been thousands of people who received vouchers from Walmart during Thanksgiving weekend that entitled them to order a television online at a certain price. For many of them, the voucher didn’t work, so they called the toll-free number on the voucher. For some reason that isn’t clear to anyone yet, this number was forwarded to a spa in Wisconsin.

The spa receives maybe a few dozen calls per day under normal circumstances. Instead, their phone rang constantly all day, and according to the Lake Country Reporter, they had to call in extra staff to help answer the phones as hundreds of calls poured in. All they could do was tell callers, “nope, we’re not Walmart.” Even other Walmart stores had their calls routed there. Yes, Walmart employees could all probably use a relaxing massage right about now, but that’s not why they were calling.

Did the spa miss any calls from their own customers during this period? Most likely. As of yesterday, they hadn’t heard anything back from Walmart about what happened.

“Walmart might need to give all of us TVs after this,” the marketing director joked. That would be a nice offer, as long as they send actual televisions and not vouchers.

Angry Black Friday calls mistakenly routed to Mukwonago spa [Lake Country Reporter]


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