The Robot Wars Begin: UPS Also Looking Into Drone Deliveries

Everyone’s talking about how Amazon has secretly been developing an army of delivery drones that will, in my not-at-all paranoid opinion, turn on their creators and begin using human beings as living batteries. But a new report claims that UPS is also working on some creepy copters of its own.

According to The Verge, UPS has been testing and evaluating the possibility of using drones to deliver parcels to your door. No word on whether the flying robots will sport flattering brown shorts.

The report explains that a company like UPS could employ drones not just in the delivery of packages to customers, but in the transfer of packages from one UPS location to another.

While the Verge cites “sources familiar with the company’s plans,” the official UPS line is that, “The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates chimes in on the whole drone drama, saying that Amazon is being “overly optimistic” about getting its flying delivery service up in the air in the near future.

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