Salvation Army Worker Trying To Set Bell-Ringing Record With 80-Hour Attempt

As of 11 a.m. this morning, a Salvation Army captain in Minnesota has embarked upon the grueling task of standing outside and ringing his bell for 80 hours straight. He won’t be sitting, eating or drink during the world record attempt, which also has the goal of raising around $300 per hour.

He’ll get one five-minute break every hour during his seemingly Sisyphean task, notes CBS Minnesota, and is also asking for support of any kind on his Twitter handle during the ordeal.

“The truth is, I’d do just about anything to help those who come to us with such burdens in their lives,” he told his local Salvation Army group earlier this month. “We do all our frontline service through the amazing work of volunteers – 90 percent of all the blessings we share are because of volunteers. This ringing marathon is just a fun way to celebrate – fun and maybe a bit crazy.”

A bit crazy? Maybe — especially if you know what winter in Minnesota can be like. Let’s just say there’s a reason the wintry north is called the wintry north (Cold. Bone-chilling cold).

UPDATE: Click here for the live stream link. When I first clicked on it, he was taking a break — a much needed one, I’m sure.

Minnesota Man Attempts To Break Bell-Ringing Record [CBS Minnesota]

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