Of Course There’s A Blog Dedicated To Replicating Burger Specials From ‘Bob’s Burgers’

I would maybe probably eat that.

I would maybe probably eat that.

For those of you who don’t watch the animated show Bob’s Burgers, in every episode there’s a chalkboard with the day’s special at the restaurant. And because this is a cartoon and no one has to actually take the burgers out of 2D for them to be on the show, the writers can have a field day inventing things like “The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside The House Burger.” But of course, some ambitious spirit has taken it upon themselves to create these concoctions in real life because we as a people demand burger innovation at all times.

The Bobs Burgers Experiment Tumblr (via Buzzfeed) showcases a plethora of delectable variations on the humble hamburger, including recipes for each one so you can follow along at home.

Maybe you’ve got a favorite episode and want to nosh on its special burger while H. Jon Benjamin’s uniquely soothing voice carries you off into burger dreamland. Maybe you’d never attempt a cauliflower burger on your own.

In any case, each and every burger hasn’t yet made it to the blog, but if the below attempts are an indication, I’d say that Foot Fetaish burger will happen sooner rather than later.

A sampling from the Tumblr:
The Plymouth Roquefort Burger
So Much Parsley, So Little Thyme Burger
I’ve Created a Meunster
Don’t You Four Cheddar Bout Me
The Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside The House Burger
Pickle My Funny Bone Burger
One fish, Two fish, Red Fish hamburger
Pepper Don’t Preach

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