Sears Commercials Through The Decades: Jingles, Car Repair, Bruises

lifeatsearsSears: it was an iconic American retailer, and now has become more of a cautionary business tale as it struggles for relevance and tries to shed more real estate and scrap itself for parts. Many years ago, though, Sears was a central shopping experience in Americans’ lives. Americans who bought boom boxes and played “Space Invaders.”

Back in 1980, Sears was where “America shops for value.” For full-length mink coats.

Later in the ’80s, they adopted the slogan “more for your life.” Along with a jingle. Oh, the jingle.

Remember the ’90s “softer side of Sears” campaign? Still can’t get this out of my head, maybe because I don’t remember the “more for your life” jingle.

Today…we’re not really sure what it is that Sears is trying to sell.

Advertising in the era of the digital video recorder has to be watchable and interesting. Sears’ plan: disguise their ads as a TV program, then ambush the viewer and the characters within with… well, just watch.

How about a fake trailer for a terrible-looking movie?

(Thanks to tipster Rowell for curating most of this ad collection.)

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  1. radioone says:

    You know, watching those 80’s commercials really pinpoints how much I do not shop at Sears anymore.

    I wore Toughskins to school. I wore their knockoff Izods in high school. My first boombox, my 2nd b&w TV, my 13″ color TV, my college microwave and my first ‘real’ compact stereo were from Sears. My family had a Kenmore microwave, I had a Kenmore convection/microwave oven as well… I used to get my car tires at Sears…

    Clothes, electronics, car repairs, appliances, shoes and even jewelry…Now I just look at Sears and go, “Hmph.”

    I know a Super Wal-Mart pretty much does all that now (and plus groceries), but Sears stuff was always solid… Now, I am kinda bummed.