Please Don’t Fling Your Empty E-Cigarette Cartridges Out The Car Window

E-cigarettes, even the ones that are plugged into the correct charger and don’t explode, have a problem. Well, their users have a problem. Some former cigarette smokers who are used to flinging butts out the window when they finish a smoke are having trouble letting go of their nasty habit. The trouble is that metal e-cig cartridges are, well, metal, and puncture tires out on the roads.

“We have seen usually one or two [nicotine cartridges] a week puncturing the tire,” the manager of a tire shop told TV station WGAL. The cartridges, which are made out of metal, are much more harmful than a cigarette butt when they land on the road. “When they slash a tire,” the shop manager explains, “they usually leave a pretty big gash in it.”

Unlike a nail, the sharp cartridges don’t leave a simple hole in the tire that can be plugged up. They leave a gash that can’t be patched.

So, smokers, as you use the battery-powered device to break one bad habit, please try to break another. Keep a trash bag in your car for the cartridges.

E-cigarette cartridges puncturing tires [WGAL]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    I see people throwing things out of cars every single day. Maybe if there was an attempt to enforce the already existing laws, less of this would happen.

    • MarkyMark says:

      I don’t think there would be enough police cars and cameras to catch every person who flings something out their car window. It would be nice though. Maybe if we could get more cars with cameras recording what’s ahead of them, we can catch the litter bugs and the driver has footage of accidents not caused by them.

    • PhillyDom says:

      Of course. Why bother trying to educate people about the problem? It’s not like the cops are doing anything important on the highways, like stopping drunk drivers or speeders. Let’s make them the litter patrol! That’s the answer.

      • CommonC3nts says:

        Drunk driver? no. Speeders, yes.
        But people drive 10 to 20mph over every day safely.
        The only reason they stop speeders is the local governments make a fortune off of speeding tickets or drivers ed classes.
        Everyone speeds since most speed limits are purposely set slower than the civil engineer designed the road for so politicians know anytime they need more money in their local budget they just send out the cops and start writing lucrative speeding tickets while drunk drivers, robbers, rapists, murders, literers, people who dont use their turn signals, and other criminals go free.

      • CzarChasm says:

        If the law is not worth enforcing, like you say, then why bother having the law in the first place?

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    I blame the police and politicians.
    The police are only going to write tickets for what makes the local governments the most money and unfortunately politicians have set fines hire for non dangerous things like driving a little faster than the speed limit while having low dollar fines for littering.
    The local governments just dont make any money from littering so they dont have cops enforce littering laws.

  3. APK1080 says:

    This is nonsense. So I am to believe that the small portion of people who are e-cig users AND use disposable non-refillable cartridges AND use metal disposable cartridges AND throw them out the car window account for 2 or 3 tire punctures each week at this guy’s garage alone? No way.

    Who reading here has even seen a piece of an electronic cigarette on the ground? Let alone the quantity needed to account for the described phenomenon.

    On top of that, anything on an e-cig that is made of metal is the super thin mystery metal that would be used in Chinese manufacturing of disposable products and I don’t think it would be strong enough to puncture a tire in all but the most perfect of circumstances, standing on end, etc.

    “Some people say that issue is causing problems on the roads because some people are just pitching them out”. Really Consumerist, this counts as a source? This counts as fact? The statement isn’t even attributed to anyone, talk about bad journalism.

    You have to wonder why there is this constant flow of e-cig FUD. This article, even if taken for true, is about people littering, not e-cigs. The other article concerns a rechargeable battery catching on fire and should be about Chinese manufacturing specs and oversight, not e-cigs. This article is nonsense written by someone with a deadline to meet or someone with an agenda.

    • Unholy79 says:

      Gotta agree with you 100% on this. I read the original article and it seems like nothing more than filler for a small network news outlet. Sure, I’m biased because I’ve been using e-cig’s for 5 years now, but there’s a definite editorial bent I’m feeling to demonize the product and those who use it.

  4. MathManv2point0 says:

    How ’bout not throwing regular cigarettes out the window. Your car has an ash tray; use it.

  5. Unholy79 says:

    Wow… another article on Consumerist disparaging E-Cigarette users. I’m stunned. Lazy people who have no respect for anyone but themselves throw crap out of their windows. I find it a little hard to believe first that a cartridge could puncture a tire. Most cartomizers are either hard plastic or thin metal. Even the older style atomizers at best had a blunt pointed end which would likely do little to puncture a tire. I’m not saying its impossible, I have in fact seen a unicorn riding over a rainbow. If anything they’d wind up being flattened. That being said I’m pretty sure things like nails, screws, and glass still hold a significant lead in the ‘what randomly punctures a tire’ category.