Comcast And Charter Consider Buying Time Warner Cable. No, Really

There are many changes that could improve cable television and broadband internet service in the United States, but “more mergers” certainly isn’t one of them. That’s why we started screaming hysterically in the Consumerist offices today when we learned that Charter and Comcast are both weighing their options and thinking about acquiring Time Warner Cable.

Charter is further along in its preparations, talking to banks about financing for the deal. Sources say that TWC has made it known it would prefer to get hitched to Comcast. Experts agree that Kabletown would be the better match, for reasons that include the word “synergies” and give us hives.

If Charter acquired Time Warner, that would create the country’s second-largest cable company.

Comcast seeks advice on possible Time Warner Cable bid: Sources [CNBC] (Warning: auto-play video)
Charter nears funding for Time Warner Cable bid: WSJ [Reuters]

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