Comcast And Charter Consider Buying Time Warner Cable. No, Really

There are many changes that could improve cable television and broadband internet service in the United States, but “more mergers” certainly isn’t one of them. That’s why we started screaming hysterically in the Consumerist offices today when we learned that Charter and Comcast are both weighing their options and thinking about acquiring Time Warner Cable.

Charter is further along in its preparations, talking to banks about financing for the deal. Sources say that TWC has made it known it would prefer to get hitched to Comcast. Experts agree that Kabletown would be the better match, for reasons that include the word “synergies” and give us hives.

If Charter acquired Time Warner, that would create the country’s second-largest cable company.

Comcast seeks advice on possible Time Warner Cable bid: Sources [CNBC] (Warning: auto-play video)
Charter nears funding for Time Warner Cable bid: WSJ [Reuters]

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  1. SuperSpeedBump says:

    Oh I get it… because monopolies eliminate choice. And choices are bad for the consumer. It all makes sense now.

  2. CommonC3nts says:

    There is no way this could be allowed to happen as cable companies have 0 competition as it is.
    But then again they will just buy the federal regulators. Bribing always works.

  3. theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

    as a TWC customer with no bandwidth cap or metered usage, i would like to see this fail.

    • FusioptimaSX says:

      Comcast doesn’t do either of those things, but their customer service might as well be an echo delay of your own voice.

      • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

        as far as i can tell charter has caps in some areas and comcast definitely has caps and metering in some areas.

        last summer i had a weird incident where my internet usage for TWC had a spike on a tuesday between 1-2 pm, when no one was home. it was 75G of data used in an hour (which would be really impressive because i don’t get that kind of speed normally.)
        i freaked out, checked my security settings, verified that you’d still have to be standing in front of my living room windows to access my internet from outside the house. i called TWC to see if they had any info on it in case i was about to get in trouble for some sort of illegal downloads on my account.
        their response: “we don’t really count that and we don’t actually care what you are doing with your internet. the measurments are for your convenience but since you don’t pay per the data you use, we don’t actually pay any attention”

        i would be really happy to see that attitude continue

        • FusioptimaSX says:

          Ah, ok, I guess it depends on the area. I really wish U-verse were an option in my immediate area. It grinds my gears that it’s available in my city. I hear the internet is much slower though. It can’t be that bad, considering I don’t download movies all day.

          • theoriginalcatastrophegirl says:

            my sister switched to u-verse recently and is not thrilled. we both like to stream a lot on our rokus, but she also got the tv service.
            i think at this point she’s already waiting for her contract to end
            i get flyers for them and apparently they’ve just become available at my house. even though their website mentions (comparable to my current plan) speeds of 18mbps down for $56 a month, according to the flyers i get, my house can only be serviced for 6mbps – for $46 a month. and i have to use their hardware
            i’m paying $54 a month for 20mbps down and while i have the occasional issue with TWC customer service, 99.5% of the time my internet exists without incident or effort. i use my modem and router and can upgrade them whenever i want (at my own cost of course)
            my goal is to keep it that way. or better. but no caps, minimal outages, no metered bandwidth, no relying on technology that needs replacing but isn’t “eligible” for replacement.
            i’d be thrilled if this comcast or charter buying TWC gets shut down

  4. StevenPierce says:

    This will not end well for consumers.