McDonald’s Testing “Mickey D’s Value Packs” To Ease The Pain Wrought By Dollar Menu & More

Remember back when McDonald’s had a value menu that actually provided food for a steal of a deal, just a buck? Those days are gone and the Dollar And More menu reigns. But McDonald’s is trying to ease the pain and give something back — or at least appear like it’s doing so — with a test of multi-person meal Value Packs.

Now that our feathers are ruffled sufficiently by taking away a menu chockfull of only dollar items, the chain is probably seeking to show customers it can still deliver value on the cheap.’s ever-watchful Scott Hume says the Mickey D’s Value Packs are being tested as multi-person meals in select areas in the West.

So far in Dallas there are two options, both consisting of a bunch of items that are also on the Dollar Menu & More: The $10 Value Pack comes with four regular cheeseburgers, four Hot & Spicy McChicken sandwiches and two medium fries. The $14.99 version simply adds in a 20-piece McNuggets.

Buying all of those items separately from the menu would only cost about a buck more, depending on where you live, so it’s not like this is a huge savings. But it could appear to the customer that McDonald’s is trying to save you money, serving somewhat of the same purpose the old Dollar Menu used to.

McDonald’s Bundles Dollar Menu as “Value Packs” []

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