Police Set Up A Sting To Catch Guy Impersonating A Cop To Get Discounted Donuts

It might seem like a giggle and a half to pretend you’re a police offer to get a discount on donuts, but rest assured, cops take it very seriously. Not donuts, impersonating the police. Well okay, also probably donuts but they’re delicious so who can blame’em?

Officials in Florida say the 48-year-old man went to the drive-thru of a local Dunkin’ Donuts last week and said he was a police officer, reports WWSB News. He then asked for a discount on his donuts. A docount?

In any case, the clerk didn’t believe the guy so he allegedly showed his gun and exclaimed, “See, I’m a cop!” Very convincing, but it’s unclear whether he was believed that time.

Not having learned his lesson he apparently went through the drive-thru again, and the manager made a note of his license plate.

Then things got serious and police set up surveillance at the Dunkin’ Donuts, effectively catching the bad customer in a sting. A delicious, jelly-filled sting.

He was arrested and charged with one count of false impersonation of a law enforcement officer and improper exhibition of a firearm.

Man impersonates officer to try and get discount on donuts [WWSB]

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