Universe Conspires To Make ‘This Is The End’ The Last Movie Rented From Blockbuster

There are some events in life that coincide so perfectly, you’ve gotta wonder if the universe is just messing with us all and conspiring to make things happen just so. To wit: The very last movie rented from Blockbuster before Dish Network shuts all its stores down? This Is The End.

Your mind is totally blown, I know. Or at least you’re momentarily bemused by the fact that a buddy comedy starring Seth Rogen, James Franco and their ragtag bunch of famous-ish friends was the last customer’s choice.

That’s according to the retailer, which Tweeted out the news about the rental in Hawaii over the weekend (via Variety).

Heck, even Seth Rogen got in on the eulogy action. He’s sad because he used to hang out at a Blockbuster and now he has to be a movie star who probably only gets to hang out with disenchanted supermodels and the white swans in his private pond. Poor guy.

If you’re totally and completely bereft by the absence of Blockbuster in your now wholly digital movie life, there will still be a smattering of around 50 licensed Blockbuster stores hanging on after Dish shuts everything down by mid-January.

How Fitting: ‘This Is the End’ the Last Movie Rented from Blockbuster [Variety]

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