Funny How The Promo Photo Lil’ Kim Is Using For Her Single Looks A Lot Like Artist’s Zombie Work

On the left, the artist's work. On the right, Lil Kim's post about her single.

On the left, the artist’s work. On the right, Lil’ Kim’s post about her single.

Zombies are all the rage these days, and it can be hard to tell them apart what with all that shambling, shuffling and rotting flesh going on. But one makeup artist’s zombie work is pretty darn distinguishable, from the model’s bright turquoise face with splotches of green to her hot pink eyebrows and carefully painted, leering grin. So how could music artist Lil’ Kim possibly be confused over who owns that image? 

Back in October, Redditor Sssamanthaa proudly posted her photos of a pop art zombie, even noting how hard it was to take the photo with one eye closed.

So when she saw the art accompany Lil’ Kim’s recent single “Dead Gal,” she wasn’t too happy to find the image had apparently been swiped without her permission.

She posted a link to Reddit with a photo showing what looks to be her exact same image on the TwitMusic page playing Lil’ Kim’s song, writing:

“Perhaps slightly unrelated, but Lil Kim stole my picture to use as her new album art. I’ve been fighting this for a while, and I’m wondering if any of you lovely ladies and gents have any new ideas.”

Lil Kim herself has plastered the photo on Instagram not just once, but twice — and her followers are currently busy taking her to task for the apparent ripoff:

Pay up the artist or take it down! How low or desperate do you have to be Kim?

This is not yours….Give the artist credit for her work. @ssssamanthaa

Stealing someone else’s hardwork is exactly what the music industry has been trying to stop for years. And then you go ahead and do the same to a makeup artist by stealing her image for your own benefit.

As of this writing the image is still on TwitPic, despite the artist saying she’d been in contact with Lil’ Kim’s team. We’ll let you know if Lil’ Kim speaks out about the alleged theft.

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