Starbucks To Hire 10,000 Vets, Military Spouses In Coming Years

As part of its plan to increase its workforce while helping military personnel transition to civilian work, Starbucks is announcing today that, over the next five years, it intends to hire at least 10,000 armed forces veterans and spouses of active-duty servicemembers.

“This is, in my view, not charity or philanthropy. But in fact, this is good business,” ‘bucks CEO Howard Schultz says about the plan, aimed at the large number of vets expected to hit the labor force in the near future as activity declines overseas. “These are highly skilled, highly trained people who have significant leadership capabilities, who will add value to Starbucks.”

The company will also be turning two existing Starbucks shops — one in Washington state near the Army’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and another in San Antonio, into “community” stores, meaning that a fixed amount from each purchase will be given to local nonprofit organizations.

For example, the Seattle Times reports that the new community store near JBLM will take $.10 from each purchase and give it to a group that helps veterans look for civilian work. That is of particular import to the folks around this base, which will see around 8,000 servicemembers get their discharge papers in the coming years.

“This is absolutely the right thing to do for so many people who have a hard time landing softly and finding their way back to civilian life,” Schultz said. “Businesses and business leaders need to meet them more than halfway.”

Starbucks aims to hire 10,000 vets, active-duty spouses over 5 years [Seattle Times]

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  1. whoscryinnow says:

    I understand an initiative to hire vets, but why do spouses deserve special consideration??
    Simple: They won’t have to pay for health insurance for them, because they are likely on their husband’s insurance! Or wife’s in one of the rare instances where a military female marries a civilian male.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      So you are claiming that one part of their initiative is altruistic, but the other is pure greed?

      Maybe they’re doing it because military spouses can have trouble finding work, since they may have to move often and with little notice.

  2. nchiker says:

    Not sure how great a Starbucks job is for military vets. I guess any job is good and it looks like vets will get some preference if they do apply- I think its a good thing.

    • MarthaGaill says:

      How is it not a good job? No snark intended, genuinely curious why you think it wouldn’t be a good fit.

  3. CommonC3nts says:

    That is discrimination to those who are not veterans.
    This makes starbucks look very bad.
    Its already bad enough that vets get 1st dips on government jobs even over people more qualified and now the private sectors wants to do the same thing. Its just wrong.

  4. OliverPickles says:

    I think it’s nice on their part, but …. how much can you make working at Starbucks? Can you support a family on their wages?