Deadly Spiders Ambush Family From Within A Bunch Of Supermarket Bananas

It’s looking like a bad week to be a banana: Either you’re getting slathered in mustard and cheese and stuck in an oven, or a family of spiders decides to nest all over you and freak a family out.

A woman over in the U.K. tells the Daily Mail that she’d picked up a bunch of bananas from her local Sainsbury’s supermarket, and was enjoying one of the fruits at home.

But then she noticed tiny little spots on the banana… and that brought her attention to a nest of spiders, with the little ones dropping off the fruit and creeping off to hide elsewhere like wee bug paratroopers. Cute, but not really.

“I screamed, it was horrible,’ she said. “I’m scared of spiders anyway so I had to get a friend to come round to hoover them up. Then we cleaned the floor with anti-bacterial wipes.”

She says Sainsbury’s gave her a £10 voucher to cover the cost of the fruit and told her to get the spiders identified before they did anything else for her.

She took a photograph of the insects to send to pest control experts, who told her they were probably Brazilian wandering spiders, which is one of the most venomous kinds of spiders out there. Full-grown spiders can deliver a fatal bite that kills within two hours. So yeah, that needed to be taken care of.

Pest control advised the family to evacuate the house and get it fumigated promptly. Sainsbury’s covered the fumigation and the family’s three-day stay at a hotel while their home was getting de-bugged, as well as a couple thousand pound for the inconvenience of fleeing toxic spiders.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman apologized and said in a statement:

“We do have rigorous controls on imported products at all stages – from harvesting to transportation – which is why this is so rare.”

As for the family, they’re all feeling a bit skittish around anything eight-legged these days (BECAUSE DEADLY SPIDERS INFILTRATED THEIR HOME VIA BANANA UGH EW GROSS).

“I’d never heard of Brazilian wandering spiders before all this and I can’t imagine what it would be like facing a fully grown one,” the mom said. “I was trembling and shaking inside when I found out what they can do to you. We kill every spider we see in the house now.”

World’s deadliest spiders nesting on my banana from Sainsbury’s: Family forced to spend three nights in hotel and have property fumigated after Brazilian species invaded their home [Daily Mail]

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  1. StevenB says:

    Man, I hate spiders so much. The freak me out. Can anyone imagine how freaked out I was when I first seen Arachnophobia when I was younger? LOL

    That aside, I’m glad the supermarket is helping the family out. I swear, most places here in the US wouldn’t even care.

    • fakevegan says:

      Hey, I know someone that brought home one heck of a tarantula with their bananas. According to their 15-year-old son, the freak-out was Epic.

    • franklydear says:

      Most places in the US would collect the spiders and bananas and pretend it never happened.

  2. JBY1978 says:

    Pineapples too … spiders can migrate by hiding in the cracks

    • jdgr says:

      Okay, I’m done buying fruit. I’m phobic about spiders, so the fact that they are hitching a ride on some of my favorite foods is a bit freaky.

  3. nandre says:

    Sounds like the vendor did them a solid though!
    Good on them!