Lay’s Takes The Work Out Of Dessert With New Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

It's sweet, it's salty, it's both. But will it sell?

It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s both. But will it sell?

Sometimes you really need something salty and something sweet come dessert time. But it’s just so much work to combine those two mouth experiences. For those lazy snackers among us, Lay’s is rolling out chocolate-covered potato chips this week.

The offering is a limited-time deal, meaning if you want to get yours hands on Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate, you won’t have an eternity to get your hands on some.

Each five-ounce bag goes for $3.49 and will be sold only at Target stores through the holidays. If the response from the snacking masses is positive, Frito-Lay might decide to keep these around forever.

“When you try something drastically different, you have to walk before you can run,” Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay tells USA Today. “We wanted to test our way through this before we go big.”

To be sure, there are other rivals out there with chocolate-dipped chips, but this is a rare foray into the salty and sweet world for Lay’s. That means the stakes are high: Whether or not Lay’s decides to do more of these combos in the future all depends on whether or not these chips do well

If this offering is popular, “it gives us latitude to offer other flavor combinations that we’ve never done.”

It’s a new salty, sweet frontier, folks. Can you taste it?

Lay’s to roll out chocolate-covered potato chip [USA Today]

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  1. flightsimmer says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this…. The chip companies are coming out with these “dessert” chips, and they’re starting to skirt the line between somewhat OK and downright weird. I haven’t tried these yet, but the Pringles holiday chips that came out a while back were almost too disgusting to eat. Hopefully these will be like a chocolate covered pretzel and will be halfway decent, though I imagine that you won’t get more than a quarter of the bag full if they’re the same price as regular chips.

  2. CommonC3nts says:


  3. nchiker says:

    I don’t see this working. They might taste good, but they seem impractical. With regular chips, your hands might get salty or crummy while eating, but now you’re supposed to deal with melted chocolate all over your hands? And how long can you leave these out before they melt? Regular chips don’t melt. How about when they melt together into a huge mess?

  4. SpeakBob says:

    I have been getting Chocolate Covered Chips at some candy shops for years now, and they are delicious. However, I am sure the shops are using real chocolate, not what I am finding on some of the “chocolate” covered pretzels that are mass produced. Hopefully these chips will be available in my area so I can give them a taste test vs the candy shop ones I love.

    • afinch says:

      There’s a local business in my area that sells them for fall at the grocery stores here. They’re absolutely to die for. But this? This looks like fake chocolate, HFCS laden crap. I wouldn’t go near them with a ten foot pole. I’d rather pay $5 for a 7oz bag and know I’m getting the genuine deal here.

  5. nomdeweb says:

    Mother of god. As someone who does not like the taste of pure milk chocolate by itself (Hershey bars? BARF Snickers though? Omnomnomnom), this made me throw up in my mouth a bit.

  6. CerneV2 says:

    Bag of ruffles, bag of M&M’s. “Problem” solved.

  7. jenfoolery says:

    We have a fancy-pants chocolate company that makes a potato-chip chocolate bar. Honestly, I was not expecting much, but that thing is like crack. I never mean to eat the whole thing but it’s somehow gone about 10 minutes after I open it and I have no memory of eating it. It’s fricking delicious.

  8. karen4409 says:

    Trader Joes has had these for a year or two. They’re not bad.

  9. KevinBlah says:

    I have improvised my own chocolate/potato chip combos, and have liked them. I may give this a try, once, to see if they’re any good. It’ll need to be decent chocolate for it to not be terrible. No Brachs, please.

  10. JGandB says:

    I’m headed out to Target right now…I have got to try these