Amazon Thanks FAA For Lifting Device Restrictions With A One-Day Sale On Kindles

Speaking of electronic devices...

Speaking of electronic devices…

It was just about time for kicking off shoes and reclining in the comfiest chair (I call him Fergus) at Consumerist HQ when a one-day only sale caught my eye. Because it’ll be over by tomorrow, the time to spread the news is now.

Amazon is riding the popularity of the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to allow electronic devices at all times on flights by offering up some of its very own electronic devices for sale today only, all to say thanks to the FAA (and get your money, obvs): Regular Kindles are marked down to $59, the Kindle Fire HD is at $119 and the Kindle Fire HDX is going for $195.

It makes sense for Amazon to peg the sale to the FAA ruling, so much so that we’re wondering why Apple or Barnes & Noble haven’t tried it too.

After all, you could’ve just heard the news from your best pal Nancy, which got you thinking hmm, I don’t have an electronic device and I’m heading home for the holidays soon — and then in comes Amazon with a sale on the very same electronic devices, right when your train of thought is going down that track.

Now that my job here is done, it’s time to relax with Fergus and kick those dang shoes off.

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