Taxi Driver Returns $340,000 Left In Cab, Doesn’t Want Reward

As mind-boggling as it might be to think of a scenario wherein you could lose a large amount of cash and be none the wiser, it’s always amazing that there are people out there who won’t steal your misplaced money. Because come on, a bag of cash? That’s tempting to just about everyone.

Instead of a reward, a taxi driver in Bavaria simply asked for the fare he spent returning about $340,000 to a couple, reports The Local.

He spotted a cloth bag in the back of his cab after bringing an elderly couple home from a trip to the bank. Once he looked inside, he was amazed at the riches within — €250,000 in €500 notes.

“I was totally perplexed and surprised, that people could carry around so much cash and then forget it,” he said, adding that he knew it couldn’t keep the option as doing so “would probably be the downfall of the old couple.”

Because of that, he also turned down a finder’s reward when he showed up at the couple’s home with the money.

“I’m still shocked,” the woman told reporters of finding their money safe and sound.

“She was as white as a sheet and told me that I saved her life,” the taxi driver said.

In the end, he walked away with the money it cost him to drive back to their home, €12.30. That, and the satisfaction of a good deed well done.

Taxi driver returns €250,000 to passengers [The Local]

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  1. HungryBear says:

    I’ll bet the tax authorities LOVED hearing that story………………

    • Snarkapus says:

      Why? If they were coming from the bank (assuming it wasn’t a safe deposit box….) they and thus the government would already know about it.

      That being said, after declining the reward I hope he at least got one hell of a tip.

  2. DaddyBee says:

    It would be different if he found that money in a ditch or something somewhere. As it is, it probably felt like plain old stealing just to take it, since he knew exactly who he was taking it from.

  3. MaraJade says:

    I don’t know about Bavaria, but in most states in the US, it would probably be illegal to keep the money.