City Turns Out To Decorate For Christmas Early So Boy With Cancer Can Enjoy The Holiday

Usually here at Consumerist HQ we’re totally anti-Christmas Creep — we rant and rave about Halloween and Thanksgiving getting ignored just so stores can break out the holly as early as possible. But when it’s an entire town turning out to decorate to make sure that a 13-year-old boy with cancer gets to celebrate the holiday, well, that’s an entirely different matter.

The city of Port Clinton has showed up en masse, busting out Santa Hats, wreaths, Christmas lights and even warbling a few carols to make sure that Devin has the best Christmas-Halloween ever.

And time is definitely of the essence: Doctors told his family he only has a few weeks left to live after battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for over a year, reports Toledo News Now.

“We want Devin to have the best Christmas that he’s ever had,” his mother told the news station. “And we want to make sure that he has Christmas.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” she added. “We’re really thankful. But it’s for Devin. It’s not for us.”

On Sunday night the city threw a welcome home parade and by the next morning, citizens had stepped up to decorate so that when Devin looks out his window he’ll see Christmas everywhere.

“We decided at 10 o’clock this morning that we wanted to decorate this and make something special…and within an hour we had probably 50-60 people here bringing decorations, plus what the city had,” said Port Clinton Mayor Vincent Leone.

Full disclosure: I have been to the city of Port Clinton, Ohio, as it’s the hometown of one of my very best friends. Everyone I met there was delightful.

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