Walmart Will No Longer Give You Its Goodies In A Box Every Month

No more snackytimes from Walmart.

No more snackytimes from Walmart.

Almost a year after Walmart launched its Goodies subscription snack program, the company is telling customers by email that it’ll be shutting the service down after this month’s delivery.

While this news was on a few blogs and outlets earlier this week, it was definitely news to Consumerist reader William, which means plenty of other subscribers are likely just finding out now as well.

“I signed up and it eventually became the only thing I even remotely like that’s associated with Walmart,” writes William. “Well, now they’re discontinuing that program. Thought you guys would like to know… back to hating them with every fiber of my being.”

Tell us how you really feel, William.

In the email (which is mirrored on Walmart’s site), Walmart tells customers that it’s discontinuing the Goodies subscription box service and that “the October box will be your last.” Ominous sounding, no?

The company doesn’t say what the reason behind the end of the experiment is, but as it goes with most trial programs that end, it could mean that it wasn’t a success, at least in the eyes of Walmart.

When we launched Goodies Co. as a test from WalmartLabs, our goal was to build a completely new, affordable way to discover and buy new products. Your input has been invaluable and we’re eager to bring a bit of that Goodies magic to the world of Walmart shopping. We can’t tell you much more about what we’re working on just yet, except that we’re excited. Stay tuned!

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