Woman Angry That Her Bag Didn’t Fit In Overhead Bin Booted From Frontier Flight

We know it’s never fun to get stuck at the end of the boarding process and find out that your bag won’t be going into one of the overhead bins. Checking a bag when all you want is to get off the plane and go can tick off even the calmest consumer, but throwing a temper tantrum and tossing another passenger’s phone won’t help your case, either.

USA Today reports (warning: video in link will autoplay!) that a passenger on a Frontier flight from Denver to Atlanta was upset about her bag not fitting in the overhead bin.

While another passenger catches the screaming and cursing, she eventually notices he’s filming and grabs the phone, reportedly chucking it to the back of the plane.

She allegedly refused to leave the plane voluntarily, cursing staff when they asked her to do so, and was escorted off the flight.

As one psychologist told USA Today, yeah, it’s rough out there to be a passenger. But losing your cool won’t help you get where you want to go.

“When you see somebody throwing a temper tantrum, that is usually a combination of things: An inability to cope with whatever’s going on; it’s problems with anger and impulse control,” he explains. “It can be a very frustrating experience, flying nowadays.”

Tell me about it! Or tell this passenger. Or heck, even this singing passenger. But yeah, don’t flip out, folks.

A spokesman for Frontier tells Consumerist in an emailed statement: “The customer was removed from the flight due to her interactions with our flight attendant and another passenger. She was rebooked on the next available flight to her destination.”

Woman escorted off Frontier flight [USA Today]

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