Taco Bell Worker Gets 3-Month Sentence For Groping Drive-Thru Customers

Back in June we told you about the Taco Bell Groper of North Dakota (as opposed to the Taco Bell Licker of California) who was arrested and accused of grabbing the breasts of drive-thru customers. Yesterday, the grabby guy was sentenced to three months in jail.

WDAY reports that the 20-year-old Fargo man entered a guilty plea on Monday to felony charges of breaking into a vehicle and sexual assault related to the two known groping incidents. He is slated to serve 90 days in jail, plus three years of supervised probation, but will not have to register as a sex offender upon release.

For those coming late to the game, here’s the short version. A car full of female customers tried to get some Taco Bell food via the drive-thru. Their food was taking too long so they were instructed to pull over into a parking space and someone would bring it out.

The employee brought the food to the car and reportedly told the driver, “Oh, you’re so pretty,” while attempting to grope her breast. The women then told a female friend about what had happened, and the friend said this same employee had actually entered her car earlier in the spring and attempted to trade food for sex, while also reaching around and grabbing her chest.

The former employee’s lawyer maintains it was a case of misguided flirting that went too far on her client’s part. “They asked him if they could get free food, what would they have to do for it,” she tells WDAY.

“I honestly feel really, really bad – I’ve never made this kind of mistake before,” said the offender, who was fired after police pressed charges. “This isn’t how I was raised.”

But the judge pointed out that it’s hard to call what happened a mistake because, “you did it again.”

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