Taco Bell Worker Accused Of Groping Drive-Thru Customers’ Breasts

Two Taco Bell customers have accused an employee of the fast food chain of getting way too hands-on while handing out food at the drive-thru, alleging that the 20-year-old male groped their breasts in two separate incidents.

According to InForum.com, one of the customers pulled her car up to the pick-up window of a Fargo, ND, Taco Bell after midnight in mid-April.

The employee said her order wasn’t ready yet and asked her to pull her car over and wait. He then brought the food out to the car, where he allegedly told the customer, “Oh, you’re so pretty,” while attempting to grope her breast.

The woman and her two passengers left the scene, but when she told her roommate about the incident, the roommate said something similar had happened to her at the same Taco Bell earlier in the spring.

The roommate later told police that this same employee also told her to pull her car over and wait for him to bring out her food. But she alleges that, rather than simply reach through the window, the Bell worker actually got into the backseat of her car and reached around to grab her breasts, while asking if she and her passenger would like to get together later and “party.”

The women in the car say they told the employee to get out, but he allegedly responded, “I gave you free food because you’re so pretty.” They claim he offered them additional free food if they took him up on his offer for late-night partying.

The employee has been charged with one count of Class C felony unlawful entry into a vehicle, and one count of Class B misdemeanor sexual assault.

The manager of the Taco Bell says that the employee told him that the woman in the April incident had exposed her breasts to him and propositioned him for free food. The employee denies groping either of his accusers.

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