Oh Heck Yes: You Can Buy A Dinosaur Skeleton If You’ve Got $640,000 Or So To Spare

Misty, come to me.

Misty, come to me. (Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst)

Please hang on a second while I squeal like a little kid and squirm with joy in my seat: You guys — you can buy a dinosaur skeleton. Like, for real. The only thing is, you probably need some serious dough if you want to bring a Diplodocus home with you in the near future.

The first complete skeleton of a large dinosaur ever to up for sale at auction in Europe is about 56 feet long and calls the wide open land of Wyoming its home, reports CNN. Its name is Misty and she’s (in my head, my dinosaur is definitely a lady but by all means, imagine a male Misty if you like) a Diplodocus Longus from the the Late Jurassic period, dating from around 150 million years ago.

She’s expected to fetch a price of anywhere from $640,000 to $960,000 and you’ll probably need a pal (or an entire crew) to move her from her current spot at the Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst, England.

“It’s been specially designed so that it can be dissembled and assembled again,” said the exhibition and sale’s curator. “There’s no piece so heavy that two people couldn’t lift it.”

He adds that her bones have been conserved and consolidated so she should last just fine, as long as the skeleton is “reasonably carefully handled and reasonably carefully housed.”

Now all I need is a spot big enough to hang a 56-foot dinosaur and I’ll have the best party conversation starter ever. And also I’ll own a dinosaur.

Diplodocus longus dinosaur for sale. Yes, really. [CNN]

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