Postal Worker Can’t Deliver The Mail Until Someone Removes That Scary Spider Web

Over here on this side of the pond, the U.S. Postal Service has a thing about not letting weather conditions keep carriers from their job. But over in England at least one carrier quailed at the sight of not rain, sleet, snow or even a big dog — a spiderweb kept the mail from delivery one fateful day.

A man in South London says he was waiting for a check to arrive, but instead found a note  from the Royal Mail carrier explaining why his mail couldn’t be delivered, reports The Mirror.

It read: “No access — massive spider web in front gate.”

The man was shocked, to say the least. Apparently the carrier has never seen the movie Arachnaphobia (I do not recommend it, mail carrier, if you’re put off by the eight-legged sort).

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the Royal Mail customer, who said the spider inhabiting the web in question is the size of 10 pence coin. “He was either spider-friendly and didn’t want to break the web or a terrified arachnophobe.”

His mail was finally delivered by another postal worker the day after, who added a note to his coworker’s original spider missive reading simply, “WHAT!!”

The Royal Mail apologized, saying, “Alternative arrangements should have been made.”

Postman refuses to deliver letter because of a SPIDER blocking his way [The Mirror]

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