Couple Is Surprisingly Unhappy That Chipotle Is Moving In Next Door

For many people, having a Chipotle restaurant move in next door would mean infinite joy and probably infinite weight gain. One couple in Hershey, Pennsylvania is very unhappy that the fast-casual eatery has a restaurant under construction next door to their home.

They had already filed a lawsuit attempting to stop construction of some of the planned parking spaces and an outdoor seating area before a scary incident one afternoon this week when construction work made their house shake as if there were an extremely small but intense earthquake concentrated on the Chipotle build site. Everyone in the house hit the ground, assuming that there was a massive earthquake. That doesn’t happen very often in Pennsylvania, but is theoretically possible. Or something even worse might have happened: one of the homeowners told a local newspaper that “[e]verything was shaking, like a big bomb went off.”

The couple now claim that there are cracks in their foundation, walls, and ceilings that didn’t exist before the ground-pounding incident. Engineers are now investigating and hope to determine whether that’s really the case, or whether the cracks already existed before the new restaurant was even a guacamole glimmer in the chain’s eye.

Apart from the noise and possible cracks, the couple are concerned about parking, traffic, and their quality of life once the restaurant opens. They have lived in their home for 35 years and aren’t keen to pick up and move.

Chipotle construction may have damaged her Hershey house, neighbor says [Patriot-News]

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