Harris Teeter Prepares Christmas Wonderland In Early October

“90 degrees out. Harris Teeter fully decorated for Christmas. Attached is just a small sampling of what I saw today there,” read reader Robert’s hysterical dispatch from the grocery store. “Santa hats and Christmas stockings at every register! Too soon!!!”



Before anyone cries, “This picture was taken last December, Consumerist! You were duped!” note the magazines in the rack next to the stockings. That InTouch magazine with the Kardashians on the cover? It’s this week’s issue.



Any one of these displays would horrify us, but all in one store? And there’s more? I don’t know anyone who picks up stockings as an impulse item while it still feels like summer outside, and the hat makes sense only if you’re dressing up as Santa for Halloween. Is that a popular costume on some planet?

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