All Retailers Should Stack Their T-Shirts This Way Because It’s Awesome

This one of those moments when the world seems to actually shift on its axis and the truth beams out through a puffy cloud in the heavens: Everything about the way retailers fold shirts has been completely wrong, and this is the one true path to shopping enlightenment.

Kotaku got ahold of a few snaps from Uniqlo stores in Japan that are doing something so brilliant and yet so simple, it makes me want to tell all the other retail establishments with graphic t-shirts that they need to change their ways: Folding each shirt in a pile at a different crease point, so that the stack shows the full front design of the t-shirt.

Sure, stores can just hang a sample shirt, unfolded, somewhere near the display to show what it looks like. But there’s not always enough room for that if you’re selling a wide variety of graphically interesting merchandise.

Doing it this way could take a bit more time, of course, and then there are the marauding hordes of shoppers who would inevitably muss it up. But a girl can dream.

Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do [Kotaku]

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