Plane Lands On California Highway In The Middle Of Rush Hour Commute

Sometimes when you’re stuck in your car in the middle of rush hour traffic, don’t you just wish you could somehow lift yourself above it all and fly far, far away? Maybe that’s what commuters thought was happening when a small plane landed on a California highway yesterday — deliverance was arriving from on high.

Or actually, it was a private plane that had to make an emergency landing about a half mile from the local airport where it took off, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Despite the fact that it touched down in the midst of traffic, soaring to a stop in a right-turn lane near the mall, no one was injured and nothing was damaged, said cops. High five, everyone.

Apparently during takeoff, a pilot instructor and trainee noticed that the plane wasn’t accelerating enough to climb.

“It topped developing enough power to climb so they looked to see where to put it down,” said the owner of a flight instruction school. “They turned around thinking they could make it back to the airport, but elected to put it down on a gap in the expressway.”

San Jose: Small plane forced to land on expressway near Reid-Hillview Airport [San Jose Mercury News]

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