McDonald’s Testing Rewards Program For Customers Using Mobile Devices

The only reward you earned in the past for chowing down on McDonald’s food was perhaps the self-congratulations awarded for satisfying a craving, or accomplishing your personal french fry consumption quota. McDonald’s might change that soon, with a new loyalty program its testing that would reward customers using mobile devices at its restaurants.

Testing is underway for the electronics loyalty program in around 570 locations in the U.S., reports Bloomberg, as part of an effort to get its hooks into that oh-so-valuable millennials. This, on the heels of Mickey D’s news that it would be trying out mobile payments to woo that very same group.

A mobile solutions marketer has rolled out the application in 420 stores so far, which reward customers with prizes like free food or other deals once they’ve scanned an item’s QR code with their phone.

“It’s targeting toward that younger population,” the owner of three McDonald’s restaurants in New Jersey explains of kids these days and their newfangled gadgets.

The next technological advance had better be using phones as food replicators so we don’t even need to get in a car to be at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Testing Loyalty Program to Attract Millennials [Bloomberg]

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