Man Holds Protest Vigil Outside Of Sears Over Radiator Warranty

The nice thing about being retired is that it gives you lots of time to pursue old or new hobbies. You could plant an expansive garden, take up woodworking, do volunteer work, or play bingo. Then there’s what a 70-year-old Idaho man is doing: spending 6-8 hours a day picketing a Sears store in Virginia.

The protester and his wife sold their house and now a recreational vehicle is their home. They haul it around with a Ford F-350 pickup truck. They first had the truck’s radiator replaced in Wyoming at a Sears Auto. The new radiator broke while they were visiting their daughter in Virginia, then again while driving to North Carolina. This time, he went back to Sears only to learn that the warranty on the radiator had expired…because he had driven it 800 miles.

Inside NoVa featured the man’s mission, but couldn’t get hold of Sears on a Sunday to get their side of the story, and to find out exactly how far the company will guarantee its work. Other consumers have been quite supportive, though, honking and waving at him. Maybe they’ve had work done at Sears, too.

“There’s been a lot [of] support,” he said. “This is America, the greatest country on Earth, but these conglomerates don’t care about you.”

Idaho man pickets Manassas Mall Sears store [Inside NoVa]

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