Martha Stewart Is Still Waiting For Someone To Come Pick Up Her Broken iPad, Fix It

Martha Stewart has an iPad, a gift from Steve Jobs, and it is broken. Shattered, after she dropped it on the ground. But no one has come to pick it up, prompting her to tweet about it and wonder where in the world the Apple rep is that is supposed to rescue the broken device. Twitter loves this.

Everything started to go downhill for Stewart on Wednesday, when she let her precious device slip to the ground, probably in slow motion while she yelled “Noooooooooo!”

She didn’t know how to deal with this:

Stewart’s ordeal wasn’t fixed by Thursday, despite the fact that the iPad was still shattered:

She’s come up with some handy ideas while she waits:

Just kidding everyone, she’s not actually angry:

Despite her attempt to help Apple out with great ideas, it seems the company isn’t pleased with her tweets:

She finally decided to keep her frustration silent, which means we may never know if anyone from Apple ever showed up. No one came when I tweeted about spilling whisk– err, water on my laptop, so best of luck, Martha. I know how it feels. You’re one of us! Perhaps try an Executive Email Carpet Bomb next time.