Jacksonville Jaguars Offer Free Beer To Anyone Willing To Buy Tickets

jagstweet Amazingly, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ gorgeous two-tone helmets have done little to help the team’s game or to put butts in the seats at EverBank Field. So how do you entice fans to ante up anywhere from $45 to $425 per ticket to see an 0-3 team face off against the 2-1 Indianapolis Colts? Free beer.

Earlier today, the team announced a 2-hour deal — hashtagged #DrinksOnUs — where anyone who spent at least $45 on a ticket to this Sunday’s game gets two free drinks at the game (see above).

Technically, the offer applies to all beverages available at the stadium, but the inclusion of Budweiser in the Tweet makes it pretty clear that this is intended to get people thinking about the huge savings on beer at the game. After all, two free beers basically knocks around $16-20 off the cost of going to the game (assuming you’re going to get beer at the stadium).

The deal is over now, but according to this map on Ticketmaster, there are still plenty of seats available to the game (light blue means a few seats in that section; dark blue means several seats are available):

Meanwhile, NFL.com reports that another Florida NFL team with an 0-3 record, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have guaranteed fans that all the remaining home games will be televised because the team believes it will meet the 85% capacity threshold to prevent a blackout.

Let’s hope both teams’ fates improve in the weeks to come, so that the Bucs don’t have to pony up for unsold seats and so the Jags can afford to paint over those ill-conceived helmets.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to keep convincing myself that the Eagles are just off to a slow start and that a huge turnaround is in the offing… What? Stop laughing at me like that!