Deals Are Better On Thanksgiving Than On Black Friday, And I Hate Everything

Here at Consumerist, we’ve been vociferously against Black Friday creep, the slow slide of the first official day of holiday shopping frenzy back into Thanksgiving Day. Last year, we supported retail employees who were against opening on Thanksgiving, and humbly suggested that retailers just go ahead and move Black Friday back a week. No one is listening to us.

You see, shoppers love the great deals, and retailers love having an extra day (that most people have off work!) to squeeze money out of us. How badly do stores want our business on Thanksgiving? They’re willing to give us fabulous deals just to get people in the door.

A recent analysis by Dealnews shows that you’re most likely to find the best deals on Thanksgiving Day. For some items, the sale was intended for Friday but put on shelves (or virtual shelves) a little early. For other items, the deal was intended for Thanksgiving Day all along.

This is somewhat subjective, since what’s considered a “good” deal was determined by the editors of DealNews. Their study data comes from the percentage of deals that they deem “Editors’ Choice.” 36% of Thanksgiving Day deals in 2011 and 2012 met the criteria, while 32.5% of deals on Black Friday during the same years met the criteria.

Also, we’d like to point out that DealNews is calling the period from Thanksgiving to the following Wednesday “National Deal Week,” which gives us Goosebumps of Wrongness and they need to stop right now.

Thanksgiving Day Will Top Black Friday for the Best Deals [Dealnews]

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